Martinique  by CW Stockwell.

The story of one of the world’s most iconic patterns.





Second-generation CW Stockwell owners Lucile and Remy Chatain developed their iconic design in 1941 with their friend and Pasadena, California neighbor, noted botanical illustrator Albert Stockdale.

They began with a simple goal: to create a large-scale tropical pattern reminiscent of the picturesque islands of the South Seas, where they had recently vacationed. It was a key part of their 1942 collection entitled “Wallpaper as ART”.






The Chatains saw this unique pattern start to grow in popularity, and promoted it in their showrooms as well as with advertising in a wide range of publications, from national periodicals such as Interiors Magazine (October 1947 issue shown at right) to printed programs for local Los Angeles broadway musical performances at the Biltmore Theater.



Don Loper, a sought-after Hollywood fashion designer of the era, had recently been tapped by famed architect Paul Revere Williams to dream up the concept for the new Crescent Wing at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Loper visited the Stockwell offices where the brand-new banana leaf design was on display.





Loper developed his mural-style installation concept for the Beverly Hills Hotel upon seeing this signature display concept created by the Chatains in the Stockwell showroom and their advertising materials.  It was during his showroom visit that he conceived of the brilliant idea to marry Martinique® with his concept for Williams’ Beverly Hills Hotel renovations, echoing that manner, which were completed in 1949.





CW Stockwell has proudly been the sole producer of Martinique® since 1941.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

While many have tried to imitate our design over the years, we will always be the true original, maintaining the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that our founders established over one century ago.