Kismet Wallpaper

  • Fluid symmetry. Grace on repeat. Contrast and color.

    Vaguely reminiscent of some of our favorite places to daydream about – Morocco, Portugal, southern Spain…The soft rhythm of Kismet and its graphic play on mirror imagery celebrates color as part of high contrast. We gleefully discovered a small collection of textiles our second-generation owners, Remy and Lucile Chatain, purchased from a trading company in Kobe, Japan, in the mid 1930s.

    We painstakingly re-created this pattern from a small eight-inch piece of rice paper that only showed one complete motif; Kismet leapt out of our imagination when the other three motifs were re-built. It seems sort of like fate…

about KISMET: Curves ahead.

A trip to Kobe, Japan - almost one hundred years ago - yielded a small trove of metallic foil block prints on the softest of rice papers like the one at left.

Then president of CW Stockwell, Lucile Chatain traveled with her husband seeking inspiration for new collections. A stack of these original documents was found just a few years ago by our fourth generation owner in the unlikeliest of spots - a dusty corner of a Southern California garage.

The intricacy of the pattern speaks for itself - and the various possibilities for applying color within the curves make Kismet one of our favorite bold color vehicles.