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Martinique® Encore Denim Pillow

  • About Martinique® Encore, the pattern Martinique®, distilled to its graphic essence. Ocean breezes, in the shade of giant tropical leaves.

    We took the structure of our iconic banana leaf print to its core. The result? A fresh and modern take on a timeless classic. In this bi-color format, the interplay between light and dark throws the fine details of our iconic leaves into dramatic relief . Yet the essence of Martinique® remains, even as the bold leaf pattern moves toward abstraction.

    About Martinique® Encore, the pillow All of the pillows in our Denim collection are made to order in Los Angeles, California. The fabrics are printed in small batches by hand by our partners at a family-owned facility on the finest (and softest) American Cotton Denim, and your pillows will be cut and sewn to order just a mile down the road from there by another family-owned workshop. We've been working with both of these partners for over a decade because they're simply the best at what they do.