Patterns for Inspired Living Since 1905

designer fabrics + wall coverings hand-printed in Los Angeles

Born in 1905. Re-imagined for the 21st Century.

As renowned for our restless innovation as for our iconic designs - for over a century, we have been:

Artist Driven.

Since the inception of our brand over a century ago, we have always worked with contemporary artists to create fresh, dynamic, and exclusive designs for the American home.

Artisanally Made.

A commitment to quality and craftsmanship has long defined our brand.

We have always produced our fabrics and wallcoverings with the utmost of care, by hand, at a family-owned print facility in Los Angeles.


With patterns ranging from the refined & elegant to the insouciant & playful, we have perpetually sought to create unique and inspired designs for the widest range of individual styles.

Style Setting.

Our designs are fresh and inventive; sought-after and talked-about.

Ready to define an institution as iconic as the Beverly Hills Hotel…or an intimate, bespoke room for a private client.

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