Hey, 2020…

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designer fabrics + wall coverings hand-printed in Los Angeles

Artist Driven

Since we started, we have always worked with contemporary artists to create fresh, dynamic, and exclusive designs for the American home.

Artisanally Made

Since 1905, we have always produced our fabrics and wallcoverings with the utmost of care, by hand, at family-owned print facilities in Los Angeles.

Style Setting

Our designs are fresh and inventive; sought-after and talked-about. Ready to define an institution as iconic as the Beverly Hills Hotel… or an intimate, bespoke room for a private client.


With patterns ranging from refined & elegant to insouciant & playful, we have always sought to create unique and inspired designs for the widest range of individual styles.

Welcome to our newest collection.

Tour a selection of our assortment of patterns, drawn entirely from our century-old archives.

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