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A century in the making...

Founded in Los Angeles in 1905 by Clifton W. Stockwell, the namesake brand was heralded throughout the 20th century as one of the country's premier destinations for bespoke fabrics and wallcoverings. CW Stockwell is also the original creator and sole manufacturer of the iconic Martinique® banana leaf pattern. 

In 1942, Stockwell’s daughter, then company President, Lucile Chatain (shown at left with her husband Remy Chatain, Sr.), conceived of the rich, graphic tropicalia that would become one of the world’s most famous wallpapers.

Chatain and her son, Remy Chatain Jr., were both design visionaries and Parsons School of Design alumni, and shepherded the company to its iconic status over many decades.

Now in our fourth generation, we continue to treasure our brand's longstanding values of quality and craft; the spirit of insouciant, not-so-serious design, and the emphasis long-placed on innovation.


image credit: Maynard L. Parker, 1947

Martinique® - an Ageless Icon

Learn about the rich history of our iconic banana-leaf print.

Designed by us in 1942; proudly printed by hand by us (and only us) in Los Angeles, California ever since.

image: courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel