$328 per roll

All of our wallpapers are printed by hand by our partners in Los Angeles, California at a family-owned facility. Printed on matte, clay-coated paper; trims to 27″ wide, sold in five yard rolls. For ease of installation, wallpaper orders are fulfilled in double or triple rolls. Minimum order: two rolls (ten yards).


$248 per yard

All of our fabrics are printed by hand in Los Angeles on 7-ounce Belgian linen. Our fabrics trim to 52″ wide and are sold by the yard. Orders for fewer than five yards will be subject to a $30 cutting fee. Minimum order: two yards.

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About Remy

Hand-drawn in 1968 by Remy Chatain, Jr. Our founder’s bold and elegant vision of large-scale botany.

Poring through third-generation owner Remy Chatain, Jr’s large collection of art and textile books one day, we discovered this original artwork, stuck between two wallpaper tomes. Painstakingly drawn by Chatain in mixed colors of permanent ink on a sheet of vellum, this pattern has a painterly, almost watercolor effect. We celebrate its large-scale leaves and petals (as well as its perfectly imperfect gaps, in between the lines) in our 2019 production of this spirited floral. A delayed debut, fifty years on.