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Solaire Wallpaper

  • Slow-turning caned ceiling fan. Island flowers and graphic geometry.

    This pattern hints at the imperfect art of natural caning – while simultaneously evoking the precise geometry of traditional Japanese artwork. We gleefully discovered a small collection of textiles our second-generation owners, Remy and Lucile Chatain, purchased from a trading company in Kobe, Japan, in the mid 1930s.

    The idea for Solaire came from one of these originals – a metallic print on the softest of rice papers. Bold and graphic, but easily incorporated into any space – especially with the universal appeal of natural, white and navy.

about SOLAIRE: truly timeless wabi sabi.

Second-generation CW Stockwell owner Lucile Chatain found this small piece of block-printed rice paper on a trip to Japan - nearly a century ago - and stowed it away for future inspiration.

The nature of hand-printed textiles has the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi sabi at its core. Solaire exemplifies this intersection in its own perfectly imperfect way.

Defined simply - wabi hints at the minor quirks that occur in making something by hand which add to its inherent beauty, while sabi speaks to the idea of celebrating age, patina and impermanence.

Wabi sabi - where the straight lines of Japanese geometry meet the age-old tradition of hand-caned rattan? We're sold.