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Cabana Denim

  • Matchstick bamboo blinds swaying. Light refracted. Color and shadows. Reimagined for the present from Japanese textile purchased in the 1930s; the original was a metallic gold foil print, executed on the most delicate of rice papers.

    Hand-screened in Los Angeles by our team of master printers, our new Denim collection was borne of our desire to imbue the rugged elegance of this classic American fabric with our signature line of patterns.

    Simultaneously accessible and aspirational - like the perfect pair of jeans you covet because of how great they feel and because of how they just.work.with.

about CABANA: (Or, when a souvenir from a 1930's trip to Japan winds its way to a suburban Los Angeles garage in 2017.)

Perfectly imperfect, the striations in Cabana run both horizontally and vertically in a subtle, hand-drawn rhythm. The combination of softness and geometry means that Cabana is an amazing counterpart to larger, bolder patterns (we love it with Martinique® for the way it picks up the veins in the banana leaves).

To say we were overjoyed when we discovered this beautiful piece of history in a small stack of mementos from second generation CW Stockwell owners Lucile and Remy L. Chatain,Sr.'s 1930's vacation to Kobe, Japan - that would be the understatement, of...well, the century.