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Canyon Denim

  • Etched geometry, hand-crafted lines. Layered diamond stripes.

    Hand-screened in Los Angeles by our team of master printers, our new Denim collection was borne of our desire to imbue the rugged elegance of this classic American fabric with our signature line of patterns.

    Simultaneously accessible and aspirational - like the perfect pair of jeans you covet because of how great they feel and because of how they just.work.with.everything.

about CANYON: flip it (and reverse it).

We wanted to have a stripe in our most recent collection. We found a piece of it in Kan-Shie, from our pattern archive - and built Canyon.

The ornate details from the etched pottery shapes in Kan-Shie hinted at some fluid geometry that might be possible with some old-school cutting and pasting (and cutting, and pasting, and cutting again).

So - we cut out the triangle shapes from one of the vases in Kan-Shie, made them into mirror images, and ran them down in a vertical 'stripe' formation - and so Canyon was born.

Modern argyle, anyone?