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Cinema Belgian Linen

  • Enigmatic texture on repeat. Shimmering depth of field.

    Just like a book and its cover, a pattern can’t be judged by a tiny swatch. But until we feasted our eyes on an archival photograph of Cinema’s installation in the 1962 Hollywood Palladium Decorators’ Showcase? A swatch was all we had. And while we’d already loved everything that tiny sheet had evoked – its florettes, its ripples, its strands of beads – we were gobsmacked by it when we saw how it commandeered a whole room. Gobsmacked. We think you will be too.

about CINEMA: 1960's pop art is the new, well, everything.

Stumbling across this image by noted interiors photographer Maynard L. Parker amid the Huntington Library's collection of his work was instrumental to our decision to re-release Cinema. Seeing its rhythmic organic shapes in repeat on the wall proves to be vastly different than experiencing the pattern in a small swatch, which until that moment was all we had.

This photo was taken at the 1962 Hollywood Decorators Showcase where CW Stockwell debuted a new collection via several elaborate vignettes such as this one.

Photo: Maynard L. Parker, courtesy of the Huntington Library, San Marino, CA