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Flowerette Belgian Linen

  • Nature’s craftiness, celebrated in its vine-and-flower forms. Climbing every which way.

    Flowerette’s eccentric vines grace their surfaces with both delicacy and power. Central to a collection launched in the late 1960’s, we updated the pattern ever so slightly by removing a faux texture, highlighting the floral flourishes even further.

about FLOWERETTE: Purposefully re-released. Accidentally modernized.

Re-launching a century old brand has endless potential for pitfalls, left and right. We wanted to offer a fresh new take on this storied heritage brand while preserving its hallowed place in the annals of the design world. We needed to ensure we weren't changing things just for the sake of changing them.

Flowerette was always a favorite from our design archive. We loved all the paths we could draw along its eccentric vines. Its original iteration had an additional screen that created the appearance of batik printing.

One day, as we were printing out different iterations of color combinations, we accidentally omitted that batik texture - and then, quite purposely, decided it was fresher (and even more oddball) without it. We love happy accidents around here (which is good, as we seem to have a lot of them).