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Remy Belgian Linen

  • Hand-drawn in 1968 by Remy Chatain, Jr. Our founder’s bold and elegant vision of large-scale botany.

    Poring through third-generation owner Remy Chatain, Jr’s large collection of art and textile books one day, we discovered this original artwork, quite literally stuck between two wallpaper tomes. Painstakingly drawn by Chatain in mixed colors of permanent ink on a sheet of vellum, this pattern has a painterly, almost watercolor effect. We celebrate its large-scale leaves and petals (as well as its perfectly imperfect gaps, in between the lines) in our 21st century production of this spirited floral. A delayed debut, fifty some-odd years on.

about REMY: joyful archaeology.

Unearthing the many long-forgotten bits of ephemera to guide our brand into the 21st century brought pure joy.

Until we (very accidentally) discovered this original artwork from 1962, we would never have been able to visually convey this kind of happy. You would've had to take our word for it.

Luckily, the visual language in our ever-popular Remy pattern (named after our third-generation owner, Remy Chatain Jr., who penned it) is as clear as the day is sunny.