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Jules Belgian Linen Pillow

  • About Jules, the pattern Good luck charms. Clovers and diamonds. Hand-drawn and striving for imperfection.

    Jules made its CW Stockwell debut in 1943’s “Trend of the Times” collection of patterns, and was a mainstay of the brand for many years. Its soft geometric simplicity makes it easy to pair with just about any other pattern in our collection. Here in its newest iteration, the color and contrast is made that much more versatile - as this fabric is completely reversible.

    About Jules, the pillow All of the pillows in our Belgian Linen collection are made to order in Los Angeles, California. The fabrics are printed in small batches by hand by our partners at a family-owned facility on the finest (and softest) Belgian Linen, and your pillows will be cut and sewn to order just a mile down the road from there by another family-owned workshop. We've been working with both of these partners for over a decade because they're simply the best at what they do.

about JULES: a 1943 study in cheer.

Released as a part of our 1943 "Trend of the Times" collection, Jules was offered as a standalone pattern (seen at bottom left here) as well as interwoven into "Arcadia", a rich quilted patchwork of hand-drawn doodles.

These snippets from that year's wallpaper sample book provided us with clues about the rich versatility of Jules - leading us to develop a high-contrast version for wallpaper and explore a subtle tonality for printed fabrics. Truly a chameleon and meant for mixing and mingling.