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Million Flowers Belgian Linen Pillow

  • About Million Flowers, the pattern Happiness is…one million flowers. Wild, leafy and optimistic. The whole spectrum of color.

    Joyful archaeology: the effort to re-assemble our whole archive from over a century of designs is a process at once both laborious and ecstatic. As here, with Million Flowers: a pattern that was thought lost for decades until a roll surfaced on eBay one fateful day. We painstakingly rebuilt the artwork, celebrating its rich layers of color while sharpening petal detail here and there for maximum floribunda status. A discovery as gleeful as the pattern itself!

    About Million Flowers, the pillow All of the pillows in our Belgian Linen collection are made to order in Los Angeles, California. The fabrics are printed in small batches by hand by our partners at a family-owned facility on the finest (and softest) Belgian Linen, and your pillows will be cut and sewn to order just a mile down the road from there by another family-owned workshop. We've been working with both of these partners for over a decade because they're simply the best at what they do.

about MILLION FLOWERS: a million ways to brighten a day.

This wasn't just *any* roll of wallpaper that surfaced on eBay one day. It was *this* one. Million Flowers, in near-fluorescent tones, perfectly complementing a silver mylar (!) background.

We'll always wonder if the exponential cheer potential of Million Flowers would have so readily translated to our serotonin-senders if these colors (and THIS mylar) hadn't wound their way into that box.

...But these are the kinds of things that keep happening around here (pinch us).