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Million Flowers Indoor/Outdoor Fabric by Sunbrella®

  • Happiness is…one million flowers. Wild, leafy and optimistic. The whole spectrum of color.

    Joyful archaeology: the effort to re-assemble our whole archive from over a century of designs is a process at once both laborious and ecstatic. As here, with Million Flowers: a pattern that was thought lost for decades until a roll surfaced on eBay one fateful day. We painstakingly rebuilt the artwork, celebrating its rich layers of color while sharpening petal detail here and there for maximum floribunda status. A discovery as gleeful as the pattern itself!

    Sunbrella® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.

about MILLION FLOWERS: a million ways to brighten a day.

This wasn't just *any* roll of wallpaper that surfaced on eBay one day. It was *this* one. Million Flowers, in near-fluorescent tones, perfectly complementing a silver mylar (!) background.

We'll always wonder if the exponential cheer potential of Million Flowers would have so readily translated to our serotonin-senders if these colors (and THIS mylar) hadn't wound their way into that box.

...But these are the kinds of things that keep happening around here (pinch us).