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Canyon Wallpaper

  • Etched geometry, hand-crafted lines. Layered diamond stripes.

    Overlapping concentric diamonds against a color field appear to advance and retreat in this pattern that emphasizes verticality. We love it paired as a geometric counterpoint to the softer lines in Kan-Shie or Flowerette – but we also love the bold statement it makes as an organic, hand-drawn stripe in the mix on its own.

about CANYON: flip it (and reverse it).

We wanted to have a stripe in our most recent collection. We found a piece of it in Kan-Shie, from our pattern archive - and built Canyon.

The ornate details from the etched pottery shapes in Kan-Shie hinted at some fluid geometry that might be possible with some old-school cutting and pasting (and cutting, and pasting, and cutting again).

So - we cut out the triangle shapes from one of the vases in Kan-Shie, made them into mirror images, and ran them down in a vertical 'stripe' formation - and so Canyon was born.

Modern argyle, anyone?