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A Midi - Mini Wallpaper

  • Hand-drawn natural forms. Stained glass. The geometry of water.

    A modern take on our ebullient 1940’s pattern called “Arcadia,” A Midi was birthed from a two-inch square within Arcadia’s larger patchwork of patterns. We loved the shapes and the linework, and even in miniature it had a strong personality of its own.

    A Midi then emerged into three different scales – Mini (seen here); inverted and enlarged for ‘A Midi – Moyen’ (fabric only); and in an even more dramatic scale for ‘A Midi – Grand ‘(wallpaper only). The collection’s palette is designed to be united together as a strong unit, or to be paired with any of our other more elaborate multi-color patterns.

about A MIDI: the shapes of water.

"Arcadia", an electrifying patchwork pattern from our 1943 'Trend of the Times' collection, was a study in maximalism in its original iteration.

We took a small section of Arcadia's happy geometric cacophony and blew it up to give it an identity of its own. The birth of A Midiin three different scales meant that we could finally herald the soft, hand-drawn doodles properly.

A midi - 'noon' in French - is when the reflection of the sunlight in the water hits just right, and the ocean's surface appears to dance as the waves ebb and flow. Yeah...it's a mood.