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Kan-Shie Belgian Linen

  • Bold in scale. Ancient Chinese pottery, through a new and playful lens.

    Kan-Shie simultaneously draws from Chinese enameled porcelain and evokes the natural imagery and simple forms of the American Arts and Crafts movement. Bold, elegant and floral, the design seamlessly interweaves graphic elements and multi-hued botanicals. With its deep negative space receding behind playfully colored elements, there’s an air of a palace garden – one composed of flowers at once both familiar and fantastical.

about KAN-SHIE: chinoiserie chic

This circa-1970s wallpaper sample book from our Designers Series collection showcased a vignette that was, well, -rich- with color and pattern.

In the process of re-building the artwork to re-create the screens for Kan-Shie, though, we realized we were missing a few key sections of the pattern. A magnifying glass on this image -and some crafty extrapolation - came to our rescue, and Kan-Shie was re-born.