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Serengeti Denim Pillow

  • About Serengeti, the pattern Nature’s signature stripe, hiding in plain sight.

    Hand-screened in Los Angeles by our team of master printers, our new Denim collection was borne of our desire to imbue the rugged elegance of this classic American fabric with our signature line of patterns.

    Simultaneously accessible and aspirational - like the perfect pair of jeans you covet because of how great they feel and because of how they just.work.with.everything.

    About Serengeti, the pillow All of the pillows in our Denim collection are made to order in Los Angeles, California. The fabrics are printed in small batches by hand by our partners at a family-owned facility on the finest (and softest) American Cotton Denim, and your pillows will be cut and sewn to order just a mile down the road from there by another family-owned workshop. We've been working with both of these partners for over a decade because they're simply the best at what they do.